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About the company


Our company was born from a desire.
A desire shared by all people of the world.
Having a guaranteed monthly income for life!
An income that allows you to generate more income.
A steady flow of money that allows you to live well, as you deserve.
Life is an experience, but money becomes an ordeal.
We want You to have a nice life, full of happy moments.
THE BUSINESS SHOP has this in mind.
There are two ways to achieve having a monthly income:
The traditional model, work until retirement age and collect a pension..
The new model that follows all millionaires in the world:
Working hard time to achieve a monthly income and annual bonuses that generate new revenues and new bonds.

THE BUSINESS SHOP is the solution you've been waiting for!

THE BUSINESS SHOP covers the second model.
FIRST: Using a product that is and will be essential.
Bill Gates has already said - in the future there will be only two
kinds of companies, those that are on the Internet, and those that do not exist.
THE BUSINESS SHOP has that product:
Your own shop to sell products and / or dropshipping ..
Why Online Shops? Because of the World trend and for three reasons:
Very LOW cost, nearly zero investment and MINIMUM effort to get a good income

SECOND: With a special Compensation Plan!